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Annoyed Til Deaf

by How Scandinavian

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supercoolguy You know the music is good when you have to question if the reviews for it are bots or not Favorite track: Edgewise.
Keith Puckley
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Keith Puckley If youy are fed up with overproduced modern music How Scandinavian will quench your thirst for raw and psych assault. Pure noise rock power for your messy hair... and soul
Leek Addict
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Leek Addict Reviving nostalgic noise rock buzz, How Scandinavian operate in the area of fuzzy lofi rocknroll ffo TSOL and Dramarama with a noticeable upgrade.
Serge Jupiter
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Serge Jupiter Surprisingly diverse rock with a wide arrange of musical instruments with a deep emotional overtone.
Favorite track: Clown Suit.
De Jure 05:04
Miserable dream Crush leans close to me To diminish the distance Between us and ambiguity But life is going great With nothing left to complain Maybe that's why, you came crawling back Into my dormant mind But life is so nice So it's a crime, it's a crime, it's a crime, -- GUILTY Well what do I know? Better put the trial to work Cause worshipping you Was like worshipping the dirt But at least the dirt Can serve as soil And as we all so clearly recall Nothing good ever grew out of knowing you at all Once you found yourself Little else you could care about Parade some vanity While everyone else dies laughing it off As it was, was not what I thought Bored and miles off Now I am left to ponder Just what spending those years can cost I am left to count up What all-expense paid years can cost! Well what do I know? Could have sworn I’ve sung that before Cause singing to you Is like painting an incoming truck But at least a vehicle Can get from point a to point b And as we all so clearly recall If you never move on, you'll stay there and I'm already many miles away I had enough to Inspire myself, long ago I had enough of you You aren't special You aren't special Especially not to me No, no
Clown Suit 04:42
It was a vulgar mistake to walk into that room Vibrancy from her judging eyes Coalescent days repeating until I go insane with the relentless personalities you needn't make a noise cause I'm, I'm, I'm I'm always talking to myself I'm always in debt So send the check so I can cash in on the opulent smile that I can't afford now that all the real lectures are done I can parse the prose of the respected but it's such a disgrace in the desert district because their... people cannot maintain focus on the problems they tend to project with all the minor tragedies and actual greatness dispensed so who's gonna wear the costume that hyperbole provides to slip into the ranks of the illustrious and pinnacle clown suits your recital is set just don't come to expect true principles delicate martyrs could not share or listen but opened their snout when the free food falls out pontic-caspian steppe's not enough distance to properly measure my depth of disinterest in your lecherous good intentions persuading dignity into young easy decisions so here's rarefied priceless advisement play stupid games and win stupid prizes wearing false colored borrowed plumes no dog in that race although that might be his girl soon you'll have to decide if choosing a side is a side altogether too GO! back at home nothing ever changed Where best intentions Are the first to flake your bottom line is reputation made which turn forgiveness into a disgrace so upon inspection any shill can see you're wearing the shoes of an empty niche for all your hard-earned sincerity you never even had the nerve to face me
Edgewise 04:21
Some people never learn the difference Between a friend and a foe Not until the knife is in your back Just twist it and then you can go But it should not be this way Well, at least until you take your turn Now you find yourself so conflicted between the morals you sow Spread around some lofty values A fundraiser for your own ego with such dazzling ethics well how much do you spend on them? I'll tell you I seek the author of mercy The writer of better days And all this time I've been so very unkind To all my remaining friends She’s the foreign beauty Already forgot my name And in this palace of suitors with contracts so much better written than mine well, don't forget to get your word in edgewise Just the latest debonair the notes barely register to me you will not be the first and there's so many left to deceive even if it's another flop the self-righteous never fail to flock (right on time) I seek the author of mercy Who writes in the past tense And all my friends who are rarely present can count them all on a single hand She’s the foreigner's beauty already caught in her twine and in this palace of suitors with contracts so much better written than mine So don’t forget to get your word in edgewise
Dragged my simple saints Just to shiver in her icy grace Got my desires wrapped up In a fickle noose that's tightening in view A worthless attraction, some dull madness It's such a disaster how one's young hope just passes But I don't care enough to retrieve all those forfeited meanings they only serve to further age me to attend to their calling between the people you take for granted There will be no message There will be no reply To the vain sound that strives to reach and explain just bury that belief on your way out Should have been poisoned Should have stopped breathing by now Do not romanticize the faux pas If there's a way to leave this dread the soft voice that rings throughout the routes of imagination to what might have been or just ideas above my station in making worlds out of moments of each other's passing days just to be... nothing and end just the same... it's the biggest joke in the world the biggest joke in the world it's the biggest joke in the world the biggest joke in the world it's the biggest joke in the world no more crushed animals in the angles of streets no old absurdity to seize and re-frame if I can throw out the past surely I'll get something back from the sacredly spoken blatant and corrosive half-life no need to idealize what once was do you really want to fight the entirety of life confined to former designs step out of that frame of mind there's no other way around so tired of the tiresome traces that strike a canvas in exacting stains don't let this life's pivots claim all that was and will be after today had to seek inwardly because there was never anyone waiting at the gates for me All that time and effort Condensed to a grain of sand to hold one too many, too much can pull you down After the girl is gone is it a change of the guard or is it not After the girl is gone now you got everything to stay After the girl is gone just one less memory to outlive after the girl is gone there's no one left to pass on the blame After the girl is gone is the woman only left to tell you how it is?


The other side of a season! These songs were worked on between 2018 and 2022. A few could be considered sequels or ultimate conclusions to songs from The Kinch Service, either instrumentally or lyrically. I'll be updating this about section in chunks... For now here's a small bit.

The main concept to put these songs together as a set began in 2018 when I recorded the backing tracks to "De Jure" and "Edgewise" with Marc Crossland on the drums. We met up for a total of two days after prepping separately for a week, which was a bit different for me at the time. Someone actually practicing my songs on their own, adding their own flourishes? This was a novel thing in 2018.

Marc's prep work entirely re-worked my initial rhythmic ideas into much more sturdy and flourished parts. Comparing either of the two songs to their previous live incarnations, they now had real propulsion and life behind them and no longer awkwardly plodding through. It was a good start.


released October 14, 2022

All songs written, produced, mixed, recorded and mastered by Bryan Santizo at The Lost Ooze I and II in Palmdale, California.

Additional recording:

Cello recorded at PM Rehearsal Studios in Burbank, CA.
Trumpet recorded at Steven Keen Studios in North Hollywood, CA.

Guest performers on this record include:

Carlos Alberto Gonzales - Bass on track 4
Jason Adams - Cello on track 4
Marc Crossland - Drums on track 1 and 3
Steve Keen - Trumpet on track 3


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How Scandinavian Palmdale, California

Alias of Bryan Santizo, founded in 2008.

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