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Philistine Empathy EP

by How Scandinavian

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flames extinguished as I awoke from a slumber vague of details past tense location a friendly retrograde subtle color within the shades tell me this isn't the first time it has all burnt away... so we missed it we rebuilt it but it is never replaced we cannot return took her in too and spat out at the next bedside such a warm youth filled with myself I will never bear it I can't share this and the bells ring without remorse an eternal flame burns on that riverbank... spilling black and white from a burnt volcano and as I felt her skin melt so did my blindness to this hell another strange door to be afraid of its howling takes me farther with her knife in the lining of my pockets and everything... stays the same... nothing changes... in this dream.
We Exist 04:06
summoned to the ladder once more with another bloodstained souvenir cause I know when I return to sleep there won't be a single person there just another phantom left in a tragic vacancy of a lingering reminder that was never meant for me a fable that turned into more cruel uncertainty that's killing me cannot sleep but there's always a dream without constraint turns to murdering and there's no false hand above and her slumber turns deeper still through another awakening is not how she's returning learning in the brash tired ways of the same shame and song drifted much too far in this haunted bright ocean my sun shines differently now a cruel reminder that we exist, oh we exist but only in my mind the endless steps towards her room faltering on the highest throne only once you're lost enough can you find your back home a laughing specter and relentless stagnation with just another dead-end choir waiting for me at home learning in the brash tired ways of the same shame and song drifted much too far in this haunted bright ocean my sun shines differently now a cruel reminder that we exist, oh we exist but only in my mind now I know where I am... now I know where I am... now just when will I wake up...? now I know where I dream still...
I woke up today and I wondered why I wondered why, I wondered why when there's nothing to see and nothing to do except dream, accept me... a round of time that isn't there somewhere else it's already a day and we're not a part of it dying plants hang by exposed wire it's hard to find our proper home but because we have time know that much is left much is left your closing eyes don't have to ever open again but if you open them just enough we're anywhere you want to be to be... whether in your dreams or just with me we find ourselves among the clouds if you are weighed down by faceless doubt faceless doubt... we might just make it in time but its another cold morning now here's to being bound for it waking next to the dumpster wandering without much to blame find out find out just what this life is really worth maybe in the next life to find a greater amount of time simply said, never learned never going back, it's all we known la-la
it must be hard to be an urchin today because I fell in the same old trap that I've heard of a thousand times before and with such a cruel effort to remain relevant to hold their interest again, again, once again and I don't like to! repeat myself after the first time, in years I had something something original, something original, something original, something original, something original if there's a brighter hell will I be there to say I told you so? if there's a brighter hell will I be there to take you out? so what's the point? all my friends don't relate to me anymore and I'm getting older as well, and these dreams are dull too so it goes: when one shoe is tighter than the other my palm is colder than yours and god's season is laughing at me at whatever I thought I had before; it's just not there a cruel joke that I'll never learn, a cruel joke that I just can't learn but I never learn, guess I'll never learn, just let me learn, but I'll never learn no I'll never learn... if there's a brighter hell will I be there to say I told you so? if there's a brighter hell will I be there to show you the way out? but I heard the same words and they never change and I never learn until you've heard it before but there's someone else waiting for me out there if there's a brighter hell will I see you there?
so this is the new memory how to drift from yourself my new missed identity to forget and fear no longer look beyond what you know look beyond and know your place but who says you had one before this presence of nothing and litany of desires lent me some greater knowledge but I've been played out so many times before and it took me this long to know no I didn't forget you I recognize the mistake but how do I keep you without leaving myself there the birds stopped singing the birds stopped singing the words stopped reaching the words never reach me the birds fell down below


Songs inspired by bad dreams, Yume Nikki, and insomnia.

Newly remastered for 2017, all songs have received a slight but noticeable quality upgrade in terms of mixing and mastering. Additionally, some timing issues have been fixed and these songs sound better than they ever have. Please re-download this 2017 reissue in order to experience "Philistine Empathy" as it was meant to be heard.


released January 12, 2013

Guitar, piano, bass, drums, vocals, fx - Bryan Santizo
Written, mixed, and produced by Bryan Santizo
Recorded at The Lost Ooze, CA*

Album art by the talented and supportive Ilya Shipkin (www.ilyashkipin.com)

*Piano recorded at the Sanchez Home
(special thanks to the lovely Ms. and Mrs. Sanchez for allowing me to play piano badly for way too long).


all rights reserved



How Scandinavian Palmdale, California

Alias of Bryan Santizo, founded in 2008.

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