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The "fiercest" I got as a 17-year old. I had not really dived into "true" forms of heavy and fast music as I would the following year, but I gave it a shot (as it is apparent with this and the subsequent song). I thought to myself, "I'm pretty mad, so I'm going to repeat this dumb riff over and over in a fast way. That's how it works right?". In a naive way, it did.


*I just really don't care.*

You don't get the last word in
so graceful in every way you acted
how right it seemed an awful way
I'm grateful now in every way

Grateful forever starting today
condensed and decrepit
you're just my story now
no you won't ever have the chance to talk (my guess, can't find the sheet)

come on tell me
you'll take me down (to the way)
you'll take me down (to the way)
you'll take me down (to the way)
you'll take me down (to the way)

oh I doubt it, oh I doubt it

just like loose change
you're so cheap
I'll come into the liquor store
and make you my treat

and you don't help yourself
or ever account for the lesser things that arrive
you call it "everything I provide"! (Note: I as in me)

but you'll take me down (to the way)
but you'll take me down (to the way)
you'll take me down to the way where I don't wanna stay

and you'll stay
but you'll stay
never moving
always there
never saying
what should have been said!

no, haha you'll never open your mouth again...

if this is how it is, then grab my thoughts and clearly demonstrate
I've been there before, only you would exaggerate
only you would exaggerate
(now we know the expert on exaggerating)
(you fucking waste)


from The Second Before I Give Up EP, released February 27, 2011
All elements by Bryan Santizo


all rights reserved



How Scandinavian Palmdale, California

Alias of Bryan Santizo, founded in 2008.

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