The Educator

by How Scandinavian

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The year is 2014 A.D.!

In the ever approaching non-existent deadline that I have for completing How Scandinavian's 2nd album and 6th EP, I felt that I had to release SOMETHING that vaguely demonstrated the new prowess of a new recording setup and the current live incarnation of the band.

This was pretty much the only way without rushing out the upcoming new EP set for summer release.

So enter "The Educator". Written in about two days, and recorded and mixed in one. Taught to the band for live performance just a week before said performance. It's a child of spontaneity.

Throw in two live takes of a jazz-influenced number and an old 'Dolorous' deep cut and what more could you ask for in a single? At least one that has nothing to do with where HS currently is attempting to go. Not that it's bad or anything to throwback once in a while.

So here is "The Educator", part past and part future. Don't forget to thank your teachers for where they put you in, or made you avoid being in. Whatever.

We have a music video for this one:


released April 1, 2014

All tracks written by Bryan Santizo.

Guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards and drums performed by Bryan Santizo on all tracks except drums and bass on Tracks 2 and 3.

Drums on Tracks 2 and 3 performed by Ivan Espino.
Bass on Tracks 2 and 3 performed by Carlos Gonzalez.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Bryan Santizo at The Lost Ooze.


all rights reserved



How Scandinavian Palmdale, California

Alias of Bryan Santizo, founded in 2008.

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Track Name: The Educator
tried to tell myself
but it was too late
too late to take this out

but don't you see how
flat it could be?
they're just trying to keep it up

but I'm not sure why
I had too long to learn my lesson
but who the hell is the teacher?
I guess that's the question, right?


if we ever get the hell out of here
if we ever learn a single thing
if there's ever some things to learn, tell me

I'm always up to learn something new now
if we ever get the hell out of here


but you never know
I guess I should have tried some more
yeah, got a nice a little story to show you today

yeah, you'll never know
the truth is so hard to bare
but now I have run out of patience
it's time to sell it!

yeah but the price is too high
but I never really know how much it feels to you
blah blah blah

guess this is the part of the story
where there's no real ending
I guess you like those kinds of things
where nothing ever ends, and I know why

it's a round table without (set on) the head
of a person's lies


if we ever get the hell out of here

the point of entry was missed
by the start of this day

there's nothing, no there's nothing
I guess I never really learned a thing
all those useless hours spents in classes

(something that never mattered
I guess it's just another reminder of the frail
trying to find a light that isn't there)

you're so clueless, oh you're so clueless
you're so clueless, oh, you're so, so, so-so

I guess it's in the middle where you are
nothing to shoulder, and you're nothing at all

wait for next year my friend
Track Name: The Moment Ends (Live from Rehearsal)
Giving myself up back then
seemed so much easier to swallow whole
But I think about the times I wouldn't reach out
to anyone but my single self detached imagination

oh, I think about the simple degenerations
but I would reach out to anyone but you
anyone who had an interest
but I don't blame myself for you
or anyone at all

because it wasn't meant to be
and nothing would change that
for you or me
for you or me, no.

nothing could change that either way

looking around, thinking about what's been going down
to your reflect-tations of simple desires
that were never fulfilled

and what do you want from this?
what do you want from this?
cause nothing ever seemed to matter to you,
to you,
to you
nothing seemed to matter at all

but I think about all the times
that we spent alone
running, waiting
for a moment to end
even though there are only five minutes left
to really grasp
those changes that we have forsaken
for a better life
i left it then
so what do you want now?
cause I can't decide anymore for, anymore for you
it's over.