Pity Won EP

by How Scandinavian

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How Scandinavian's 4th EP.

Muddy production, louder guitars, drums that sound like muffled firecrackers; the works! I recently remastered this so it isn't ear-blaringly loud (March 2014), and I think it helps a bit with the dynamics.

I actually re-did some sequencing problems within the songs too, so they should sound better. If you downloaded this before March 2014, I highly recommend you re-download it and listen to it how it's meant to be heard.


released June 20, 2012

Bryan - Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboard, Vocals
Starlon - Bugle on "People's Perfume"
Stephanie - Vocals on "Bryophyte"


all rights reserved



How Scandinavian Palmdale, California

Alias of Bryan Santizo, founded in 2008.

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Track Name: Marconi
shot down by both sides
turn around and there's no line
about to fall towards something new
something to stay latched onto

kinderd spirit fell away
burning off a hefty sum
so don't pretend to be alone
wouldn't be the first time

I saw it coming
well I saw it coming
the waste of a life

well I saw it coming
yes I saw it coming
the waste of a life

your secrets, anomosity
passive agressive, always repressive
must come with both types of weight
somehow moved prior memories out of the way

no need to spit hateful words
you can just die alone
and you'll never truly count
because that's how you wanted it, how you wanted this

I saw it coming
well I saw it coming
the waste of a life

well I saw it coming
yes I saw it coming
the waste of a life

and now, I know where you have been
we know what side you're on
"It's not too well to say..."

well I saw it coming
yes I saw it coming
the waste of a life
Track Name: The Fox and the Grapes
did you have to be so cruel?
to shoot down the possibility
to avoid another boring evening
(to wait is never easy)

(I guess it was interesting…)
I guess I didn’t want it that much
cause I know much better than that
getting mad about something like that is waste of time

but am I fooling myself another damn time?
I hope not
well, I hope not
(I hope not)

you see this comes from a long list of times
it’s almost like a “kind of” sitcom
when I see that face:
permeable-lee-us guilt
I don’t think about how much I wanna punch it
cause I’m not that great to that such thing
unless I think about it another time… again...

I hope I’m not another witness
cause I’m getting bored of weighing in
so I come outside, another thing
here we go again, here we go, again.
(it must have been tempting for a long time)
Track Name: Luna Lovegood
Sometimes it's better said than done
if there's nothing left to say
Between the parts we play and every delicacy
of fake friars and days

But she's based in ink
and I'm not sure how to get close to that
without falling into pathetic holds
of someone, someone else's hand

you couldn't even touch the amount
of elation that this brings
don't put yourself in the ranks of
adolescent wants and needs

the tepid desires I always hear about
leave me out of them
because two dimensions
beats another drone filled whore

and now I know how much more she means because

she's straight from the books
and I'm just half the man

what did you want?
what did you want?
what did you want that I didn't know how to give to you?

I'll never know
I'll never know
I'll never know
Know, no, know, no, know, no
Not in this lifetime
Track Name: Bryophyte
listen to yourself
chasing the years below
under the belt
of resistance
you find out
nothing's changed
nothing's changed
nothing's changed
nothing's changed

tell me the gaze is arranged
the weight has left
(as time sped up instead)

but is it a lie?
but is it a lie?
is it a lie?
so what is a lie to you?

Laughing at how we used to seek out
light that is not there
A tunnel we found
A train at the end
Track Name: People's Perfume
To remember all your used up
claims there'd be no change
it held no truth dragging on
but I suppose I knew

if I held you responsible
then it would collapse
so I carry weight of everything
you'd rather live without

you once told me
there's a permanent way
to escape sins
so why did you leave me with them?

I had hope
now I have proof
fell into a past
it wasn't enough for you

I had hope
now I have proof
have proof of this

swollen facismile
let it burn away
the higher ups couldn't tell me
the whereabouts

with two torn letters
directed to a secret place
between the souvenirs you left
I figured it out

so where did you go
to escape sin
there's a permanent way
so why did you leave me with this?

all my real friends are dead
most have gone to tell me;
to tell me the same thing.
most have gone, so tell me one thing
why did you jump just to leave me alone?
maybe I'm seeing sights just to see them
or maybe insights simply have to connect to something else.
but I'm not sure
so justtell me on thing
tell me, tell me about my friends who I'll never see, again
tell me a story about how dreams are never-ending, again
tell me about how, this wasn't in vain...

because you denied me
my last goodbye for you, again

Well I had hope
Now I have proof
they told me they found
found you hanging
hanging by your neck