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The Kinch Service EP

by How Scandinavian

Fables 04:00
Dragging down the dream show them exactly what it means again and again and again and again (x2) See the ashes upon yourself, upon myself again and again and again and again (x2) But you don't mean a single thing, don't know what it is Recall youth, recall (I guess) it's true So I guess it's too much to say, too much to take it's all for you, I guess it's true See her hounds her plastic shoe you wonder why I guess it's burnt lips, I guess it's something else But I guess I've learned by myself, "well..." I guess it's burnt lips, there's nothing else Remind yourself that I won't be there twenty-thousand papers against the school yard fence Just another lesson erasing their names smoldering their past, it's a case of arrogance A fleeting memory or a summer test but even after the epilogue is written if I went back and had you with no pretense or bitter values I know that I'd tell you again and again and again and again that's how it always ends
It doesn't take much to realize where you are: a flickering screen and some bitter daydreams But in time there won't be any more with all of the days freshly worn funny enough, I forgot it all laugh, laugh, laugh, laughing like a fool Cut yourself on the words of on the words of the loudest mouth I know you're so unaware of time Diluted in paraphrases with a sack of single note smiles poor excuse for even the palest imitation so unsure and led by a lure the salting season has come and gone again wait outside the door hat in hand competition of one-sided bets expecting another plate of bourguignon it's just what they want it's just what they want it's just what they WANT
Monday 03:59
I lost track of time and I didn't know saw him staring at me with tired eyes silent goodbye Didn't know (didn't tell me) Where did you go (Well I'm right here) I guess it cost (memories are paid) every day we had (better than not having had) He never did anything wrong Just ran around and fell asleep in his house But I'm not surprised Time takes anything; wrong or right Just say something to justify his life the very last one on the back of the truck a pity so endearing we made you a home Cried when you ran away years ago now you can't come back until the next life well I wonder where we all go when the procession ends and the incense has to be put away don't leave me cause I have last words but they remain above with my feet and knees against the dirt Different territory They're a stranger to themselves Show them what this mutt can do cause they always settle for the outside of youth give me another year i hear sirens growing closer coming for someone else, tell me it's not you It's just Monday for everyone else But not me, not me Spending some time away from myself there he goes again I'm awake now I'm awake now I'm awake
I had too long to stay and I saw it all fall apart but you never heard me out "Wonder why there was nothing left?" I guess that's all you have to say for yourself Don't forget where you're from, who showed you Now that everyone's broken up, you leave too! I know it's wrong But I've nothing left I'm not wasting a single word on them Oh, he found his home Between the legs; inside of someone of the petty indulgent life So you know I refuse to play along. oh well. Walked again through the people I didn't know their names and there's nothing wrong with that I think well, I gotta learn how to keep up my attention I saw them all walking back still had the same words left to say I'm the only lonely one without a business card a statement to sell It's not like I forgot the time they left me out three hours in the wilderness social When you were in the loving arms of cliches I was avoiding to think that class from three to six exists and the ride never helps at all I'm still behind in years Still behind the tree and things never change everyone leaves if they see something new pathetic without a clue to spare that's what I'm left out to do and I don't know who cares I'll just say without meaning or delays, "Be happy and keep in touch" well... not that much for me there's nothing else I have to say for myself much less for anyone else I know it's wrong but you didn't make me change a single one I had it all it all planned out too I would say the words and the insults too because you didn't like what I had to say goddammit I'm not sure what day it is I'll never understand you anyway I had it all planned out too but those never mean a thing unless you have it set down (when you are let down)
The Flensed 09:34
I didn't care for the hand's culpable caress that youth demands I can see the debt in your eyes that you slept on cause you can only ask so much about a job, about a class, about things absolutely unnecessary to ask... I've been nothing but open with you now I wonder if I'm too open for my own good this death march has allowed me to see madness disguised as anemic treaties cause it's so sequentially un-required of me a status quo to ignite some memory; to retain allure these are your last minutes before the bloody surf yeah, the biggest crime was that never you pulled it off not really. oh, they're normal people that love gossiping oh, they're business people trying to be interesting oh, they're ugly people sharing nasty feelings OH, WHAT THE HELL AM I THEN? surrounded by directionless maps it's not as easy as writing in "ambition" to fill in their blanks your favorite chatterbox hasn't faltered for very long to allow him to sell you, in depreciating value, the cheapest truth that we can afford so let the intricate smiles begin only fatal till the last minutes of this acrimonious overture's crescendo still the same old drunk cadet the very same your fresh friends don't know of yet my god, life can be so much longer than you expect but don't forget the minor detail terms and conditions may apply (a crack on the head is just what you'll get...)


Not all excellent things require an excellent amount of time to be completed, but these songs are true late bloomers.

The Kinch Service EP, a nod to the nickname given to Stephen Daedalus by Buck Mulligan, is something that has taken me considerable time to complete. Part-writer’s block, part-procrastination, and part-waning interest in music; three of these five tracks have been waiting in the confines of my digital shelves since late 2011 or early 2012, you can choose.

I’d scoff (or agonize) at having to sit down and come up with vocal melodies or re-record instrumentals that were once acceptable. Mea culpa …in a sense. This indifference stemmed from various occurrences, but mainly to blame were a very shaky band practice schedule, a lack of live shows and interest, and diminishing time and effort to do a good job.

Practices, when occasionally had, would hardly aid me in creating melodies and instead I’d write new songs that were more “satisfying” to perform; a fatal mistake. New songs would be “passable” or “need work” and would never be heard of again. I was simply running from the task at hand; to finish my work that I’d been hoarding for so long. The lack of proper shows and a feeling of misplacement in our local surroundings (yes yes yes I know, woe is the musician) led to my decision to simply throw the live band into the dustbin and focus on fruitful endeavors.

Not to say I didn’t attempt to do it all at once, as is customary, since I had setlists upon setlists of new songs to perform and how to focus on this release. But I fear if I had done so, I’d be ending the summer without proof of time well-spent. There had to be a sense of give and take in order to coerce myself to finish the project, and momentarily giving up on the live band gave me enough of a nasty taste of medicine to proceed.

The record really began to come together when I had written “Acquaintance Now” early this year and felt that it would become the closer of a four track long version of The Kinch Service. But I was inspired by the song’s birth and sought to complete “The Flensed”, a song dating to 2013 that was once a part of HS’s aborted second LP, which would prove to be challenging, rewarding, and ultimately prolong this EP from completion for even longer. The completion of the song reignited my interest in the aborted material for How Scandinavian’s second album and led to an even greater sense of direction for the future.

Left to my own devices, I sought to achieve a new standard for How Scandinavian and felt I have subsequently re-inspired myself to create music for myself, and anyone who will listen.

Please enjoy The Kinch Service EP by How Scandinavian.


released September 8, 2015

All songs written by Bryan Santizo
Instrument and Vocal performances by Bryan Santizo
Production, mastering, mixing, and recording by Bryan Santizo
Recorded at The Lost Ooze, CA

Artwork and design by Ilya Shkipin (www.ilyashkipin.com)
Special Thanks to the talented Ilya Shkipin for his beautiful artwork!


all rights reserved



How Scandinavian Palmdale, California

Alias of Bryan Santizo, founded in 2008.

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